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Trying to get back into the RPG grind

by Adam on 07/14/13

So trying to get back into RPGs again has been pretty tough. I mean as much as I love fighters and other games that are much easier to get into and it was hard to keep my focus. Western RPGs don’t really do it for me, the worlds are bland and sometimes its nice to play a character I don’t have to make. I love my RPGs to have gret stories and most Western RPGs don’t really have that. The last RPG that I finished was Persona 4 in 2009. But since that point I can’t stay focused for more than a few hours. Closest game that I came close this generation was Final Fantasy XIII problem with that was well I got frustrated with the combat half way in and I got tired of dealing with it. It wasn’t always this way.

My first RPG I ever got into was Super Mario RPG, being a kid at the time Mario games were just cool. I never knew what an RPG was till this point. Needless to say I got into and and loved it. The next RPG I played was this hyped game apprently 7th in the series on this new platform called the Sony Playstation. That game was Final Fantasy VII, graphics and everything I seen about it as a kid got me excited the gameplay reminded me of Mario RPG. So I asked my parents for Christmas to get me one and of course Mega Man X4 (for those of you who don’t know I really like Mega Man games) and Parapa the Rapper (which I regretted later). So Christmas came got my system and couldn’t hook it up because it didn’t come with RF cable but after I got my RF cable I of course played my X4 and brushed off Parapa because I don’t care for music games. Then I say Final Fantasy VII staring at me so I decided to pop it into my Playstation. At first I didn’t get into it (I was a platformer and fighting game kid) but then after I finished X4 I decided to give it another look then I got hooked. After finishing the game a few times I realized I wanted to play more. So then I went and tried games like Final Fantasy 8, Legend of Dragoon, and others. It was so fun going and exploring new worlds I even gave Zelda Ocarina of Time a try and loved it. I know some will fight with me on if its an RPG or not but its close enough. The point is the magic was amazing at least for a while.

Then I got older and getting ready for college. I did try Final Fantasy X but the idea of the speheregrid system pushed me away from it at the time. I didn’t like the radical change then other games that were easier to play like Devil May Cry and other action games. I started to get back into that and I never had time or even looked into RPGs also when I got an Xbox I got into playing Halo with friends and even in High School teachers had PCs hooked up and we could play Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike and I just kind of went away from it. But it wasn’t till I got unemployed back in 09 I discovered a RPG again. Persona 4 was an amazing experience it was fresh and fun and brought back that spark, later though a new job and other things in life kept me from really diving into it. Then I got back into my rut. I started collecting games again especially RPGs that looked so good and wanted to get into but I would start one play for a few hours then lose interest. No matter what I would lose interest but it seems I found another game that has got my spark back.

Xenoblade Chronicles how I love you. What a great RPG experience at first I didn’t know if I would like it from trailers and things but as the release got closer I got more and more excited. Then finally I got my hands on the game and without forcing myself I was already 3-4 hours in the game for the first time. That key word is “force myself” there are times we all wanted to play a game but we had to push ourselves during the bad parts and yes Xenoblade has some but the rewards are so worth the effort in playing. I’m also learning playing it bits at a time helps me to keep going and taking a break and playing other things. I’m learning sometimes you may have to do things in moderation to truly enjoy it and not burn yourself out. When I was younger it was so easy to push yourself and do these things because its all you had to do, but now with the Internet and real life sometimes you don’t want to sit for hours to level up then fight a boss. For those times you need to take your mind off and do other things. No need to rush because the game will still be there waiting, well that’s what you got to tell yourself.

Welcome to the actual site!

by Adam on 02/02/13

Ok so I think this maybe the official site now. I have tried many other ways to get it to work but it has not sadly. So now we will call this home. I'll use this to share my thoughts on things that I don't feel like doing a video for or anything else random. Thanks for visiting and I appreciate all the support you guys have given me over the years!
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